Scalable Enterprise Performance that Allows for Real-Time Threat Defenses

X-Series Appliance

“Forcepoint™ offered the most powerful protection in real time. The solution is also easy to use, as it is completely GUI-based and provides us with exhaustive and granular policy management.”

— Vijay Joshi, Manager Networks & Projects, KPIT Cummins

Traditional enterprise security performance comes with a hidden cost — lack of real-time in-line defenses, which are required to effectively analyze today’s high-volume, increasing complex network traffic. The Forcepoint X-Series appliance employs TRITON® ACE, which enables real-time composite defense assessments in high-traffic environments.

X-Series Benefits:

  • Hybrid deployments can use cloud email cleansing to reduce bandwidth and optimize appliance performance, plus email URL sandboxing for real-time phishing protection. Hybrid web deployments can equally protect remote users with ACE defenses.
  • Fully-integrated enterprise DLP helps customers quickly achieve and demonstrate compliance and data security measures.
  • Unified TRITON architecture, security intelligence, unified console and unified policies and reporting all enable a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Supports AP-WEB and AP-EMAIL.

For more details, download the X-Series datasheet.

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