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Explore the future of cloud & network security at the 2020 SASE Cybersummit.



Global Airline


Products Used:

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

We needed to hedge against the business risk of users and business lines taking up cloud apps faster than IT could discover, monitor and protect them. We needed a solution that automated the process and put us back in control – Forcepoint CASB was the best solution to meet these goals. 

Director of Information Security

Airline Gains Visibility into Cloud App Usage with Forcepoint CASB

This global airline needed to protect against a distributed workforce accessing cloud apps over public networks from a range of endpoint devices. Given the dozens of cloud apps in use, the company’s IT team chose Forcepoint CASB for a comprehensive solution that provided SaaS discovery and real-time cloud app protection.


  • Staff spread across more than 24 airports often depended on public networks to access cloud apps critical to their jobs.
  • IT staff needed to gain visibility and control over a growing list of sanctioned cloud apps, and the ability to log and manage “shadow IT” cloud services, such as file sharing, that users adopted on their own.
  • The long list of “front door” login screens presented a larger attack surface to cyber criminals attempting to use stolen credentials.
  • VPN-based approaches to security were difficult to configure, unreliable, and slow.


  • The airline chose Forcepoint CASB for a full range of integrated capabilities that delivered comprehensive cloud app visibility and control.


  •  Consistent, detailed, and clear visibility into all cloud app activity without any disruption to user experience, operations, and customizations.
  • Real-time alerts to risky behavior, anomalous activity, and account takeover threats.


Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

识别云应用程序和对其进行分类以评估风险,并确定使用Forcepoint 云访问安全代理(CASB) 允许和监控的服务。