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Emerson Process Management


Company Size:

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Products Used:

Web Security
Forcepoint DLP

We’ve experienced better management of resources.

Stephanie Yabes

Emerson Process Management Finds and Controls Regulated Data with Forcepoint

Emerson Process Management was able to get started with Data Loss Prevention up to 75% faster than expected, delivering better visibility to data movement, more effective detection and breach prevention, and regulatory compliance with Forcepoint DLP.


  • Policies that were too complicated and too much headcount was required to maintain them.
  • Data exfiltration left the organization exposed.
  • Need to control and manage data that’s subject to regulation.


  • Chose Forcepoint DLP to help easily find and control regulated data and sensitive IP by:
    • Scanning files and discovering data they didn’t know existed.
    • Setting data loss prevention policies across network and endpoint one time, from a single console.


  • Better visibility to data movement within the business, and more effective detection and prevention of breaches.
  • Gained the ability to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Forcepoint DLP’s ability to automate policy enforcement based on user behavior:
    • Provided one-time-only user access.
    • Minimized disruption to users.
    • Lowered the call volume to support.
  • Helped the company get started with data loss prevention 50-75% faster than expected.