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Web Security
Email Security

“We are able to control costs and plan more efficiently by using Forcepoint solutions.”

Gianluca Giovannetti

Amadori Enhances Security by Consolidating on Forcepoint

Agri-food leader Amadori’s success is based on the way it manages the entire integrated production chain including farms, feed producers, hatcheries, and food processing plants. The company decided to take the same integrated approach to cybersecurity with Forcepoint.


  • New channels for internal and external collaboration required a security upgrade
  • Spam help desk support calls required too much time to handle
  • Increasing number of users working off-site, sometimes in public areas, with little protection led to new security risks


  • Forcepoint Email Security Cloud to eliminate spam and malware before it reaches the company network
  • Forcepoint Web Security to protect both office and remote workers from phishing sites, spyware, and malicious code


  • Users and the company can take advantage of new external collaboration tools safely
  • Eliminated need for help desk to manually check blocked emails; instead users receive a daily report of emails quarantined, freeing up help desk time to focus on more pressing priorities
  • Consolidating on Forcepoint for all its key needs enabled the organization to reduce total cost of ownership and administrative overheads, while increasing planning efficiency


Forcepoint Web Security Cloud

阻止高级的 web 威胁,实现最安全、最可靠的高性能云,随时随地保护数据安全。

Forcepoint Email Security Cloud

Forcepoint Email Security Cloud 可防范垃圾邮件和网络钓鱼电子邮件(传播勒索软件和其他高级威胁),阻止其利用恶意软件感染系统。