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Forcepoint NGFW

The results with Forcepoint NGFW have been extraordinary – outstanding performance, lower costs, and, most important, considerably fewer invasions.

Hendrik Walter
IT Director

Avency Hosts Safe and Custom Environments for Business

Avency hosts more than 1,200 websites/applications and 7,000 domains for a wide range of businesses including retail, social media, manufacturing, and finance. To provide more individualized and secure services to its customers, the organization turned to Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall.


  • Avency’s proprietary ISP system required reliable network security to deliver high availability, secure connectivity, and individual account management for customers


  • Forcepoint NGFW for superior performance, evasion protection, and mature multi-tenant capabilities
  • Forcepoint Security Management Center (SMC) with built-in features competitors lacked


  • Through Forcepoint NGFW’s multi-tenancy capabilities, Avency is able to provide each client with its own secure, separate domain at a competitive price point
  • Forcepoint SMC’s Web Portal Server enables customers to view live log data, allowing clients to troubleshoot connection/speed issues and stay informed of attacks targeting their web applications
  • Extremely robust log and reporting functionality, coupled with best-in-class alert and escalation management, means Avency can react 3x faster to incidents


Forcepoint NGFW

适用于企业SD-WAN 最安全的下一代防火墙