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AZ Sint-Lucas Hospital


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Web Security
Email Security

As a hospital, we hold a lot of private data that should not fall into the wrong hands... With minimal effort and expense, I can safely say that we are now prepared.

Kristof Duthoy

Forcepoint Enables AZ Sint-Lucas Hospital to Safeguard Patient Care

Saving lives—not protecting data—is the top priority for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals at AZ Sint-Lucas. So, when unsecured web and email access created a risk to sensitive patient information, the hospital turned to Forcepoint for a flexible solution that would not impact care.


  • Healthcare professionals working on and off the network required unfiltered access to websites in order to provide patients with the best possible outcome. This meant doctors sending and receiving a substantial amount of unprotected data via smartphones, tablets, or other devices.
  • In addition, a study of user behavior discovered that staff visited more non-work-related websites than job-related sites, posing a serious risk for data loss or theft.
  • Increasing spam complaints required too much IT team time to handle.


  • Forcepoint Web and Email Security to deliver safe web browsing and email, balancing the professional and personal needs of the staff, on and off the network, without putting Protected Health Information (PHI) at risk.


  • Significant decline in inappropriate internet usage due to the custom rules: for example, social media is allowed but gaming sites are not.
  • YouTube now used as an instructional tool instead of for non-work-related topics.
  • Consistent policies now applied to users accessing the internet from home or on-premises.
  • Exceeded expectations with a sharp drop in the number of spam complaints.


Email Security

Forcepoint电子邮件安全使用高级分类引擎(ACE) 来识别各种威胁,从恼人的垃圾邮件到高级恶意软件、网络钓鱼和商业电子邮件入侵(BEC) 攻击。

Web Security

通过本地管理控制,为受到严格监管的组织的网络和漫游员工提供高级 Web 威胁防护。