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Products Used:

Web Security
Email Security
Forcepoint DLP

“We had a number of incidents before and we did not know about it. Now, with Forcepoint, we not only know about them, we can truly address them.”

Valdimar Oskarsson

Online Gaming Company Betsson Makes a Sure Bet on Data Security with Forcepoint

As an online gaming company, its customers are Betsson’s most valuable asset. But the company lacked not only protection for customer data but even visibility into when that data was at risk. Betsson turned to Forcepoint Web, Email, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to safeguard their prize asset.


  • Online gaming generates massive international flows of customer and financial data 24 hours a day.
  • Public leaks of information would be disastrous for an operator’s reputation.
  • Competitors target the same group of customers, making customer email add highly valued data. However, the company lacked visibility into data movements surrounding that database.


  • Betsson chose Forcepoint Web, Email, and DLP to provide visibility and security for over 1,000 endpoints on its network.


  • Once monitoring began, it was clear that the main threat did not arise from hackers or financial cybercriminals but from the company’s own staff. Some employees were targeted by competitors but others operated alone. “They were told that if they sent a database file to an anonymous email address, they would be rewarded. As a result, thousands of addresses were copied onto a USB stick to sell to competitors,” said Oskarsson.
  • The first time Betsson apprehended even one incident of someone selling customer data, the system paid for itself.


Forcepoint DLP

通过Forcepoint 数据泄漏防护(DLP),让员工能够跨设备工作,连接到多个网络,并在云应用程序中工作。

Email Security

Forcepoint电子邮件安全使用高级分类引擎(ACE) 来识别各种威胁,从恼人的垃圾邮件到高级恶意软件、网络钓鱼和商业电子邮件入侵(BEC) 攻击。

Web Security

通过本地管理控制,为受到严格监管的组织的网络和漫游员工提供高级 Web 威胁防护。