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Web Security

 “Thanks to Forcepoint, our IT infrastructure team has been able to concentrate on more important activities.” 

Andrea Pierini

Colacem Achieves a More Sophisticated Web Security Strategy with Forcepoint

The growth of advanced threats and increase in users working remotely prompted this manufacturer to explore a more powerful web browsing security solution. Implementing Forcepoint Web Security Hybrid helped the company reduce user assistance requests regarding malware by 80%.


  • The existing open-source web security allowed only antivirus detection and limited profiling, making maintenance expensive without ensuring protection against sophisticated, multistage attacks.
  • The growth of more advanced threats increased the urgency to transition away from a strictly role-based internet security solution.


  • Forcepoint Web Security Hybrid for real-time defense against advanced threats, extended to its roaming and remote users.


  • Users now comply with the same enterprise-wide web browsing policies, onsite and offsite.
  • Reduction of up to 80% in requests for malware assistance on individual endpoints.
  • Streamlined reporting functionality gives the security team the insight they need to prevent a user from connecting to a malicious site—significantly improving network security.
  • Forcepoint training courses for executives who work with sensitive data and have additional web browsing freedoms have delivered smarter helpdesk interactions and improved reporting of suspicious activity and user behavior.


Web Security

通过本地管理控制,为受到严格监管的组织的网络和漫游员工提供高级 Web 威胁防护。