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Davies Turner


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Web Security

With the Internet constantly evolving and new Web threats increasingly difficult to keep on top of, we have been impressed with Forcepoint and the protection it provides.

Adam Morris

Davies Turner Keeps Web Traffic Moving with Forcepoint

When this growing transport service company found it needed a more robust security solution that allowed for appropriate employee web usage, customized user access, and powerful reporting, it chose Forcepoint Web Security.


  • The freight services and online tracking business required employees to regularly use the web for everyday work-related tasks, creating risk to the network.
  • Different user requirements across a number of offices required an easy-to-customize solution.
  • HR team requested increased insight and reporting of time spent online.
  • The existing solution did not work for the size the company had grown to: it was not user-friendly and could not provide the depth of information needed.


  • To better safeguard and manage internet access, Morris chose to implement Forcepoint Web Security.


  • Through exceptionally granular and efficient reporting, Forcepoint enabled the organization to create both in-depth reports and high-level overviews to help detect potential misuse and highlight security loopholes.
  • Forcepoint ensures that the company’s Acceptable Usage Policy is adhered to automatically.
  • The company can simply and easily create access policies by levels of management.


Web Security

通过本地管理控制,为受到严格监管的组织的网络和漫游员工提供高级 Web 威胁防护。