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Products Used:

Web Security
Email Security
Forcepoint DLP

“Forcepoint’s integrated data loss prevention solution provides the best possible protection for confidential design and engineering data.”

Karl Weinberger

EFAFLEX Closes the Door on Data Loss with Forcepoint

EFAFLEX knows how to secure the property of companies around the world with their highly sophisticated industrial door, gate, and safety systems. When EFAFLEX needed to protect its own proprietary innovations from cyber threats and internal leaks, the company turned to Forcepoint.


  • Design and development drawings are increasingly the target of hackers and industrial espionage, especially among medium-sized, internationally active companies in the manufacturing industry.
  • Unintentional data loss can occur without malicious intent. For example, a mistyped email address could allow attached plans of a new product prototype to fall into the wrong hands.


  • Forcepoint Web and Email Security plus Data Loss Prevention combined in a holistic, consistent content security solution.


  • Design drawings, CAD files, and documentation files were identified across the company and assigned to security classes.
  • New authorization approach, new guidelines for storage of confidential data, and new business processes implemented.
  • Forcepoint analyzes “digital fingerprints” of files an employee wants to send or copy to an external storage device. If there is not violation of rules, the file can be sent or copied.


Forcepoint DLP

通过Forcepoint 数据泄漏防护(DLP),让员工能够跨设备工作,连接到多个网络,并在云应用程序中工作。

Email Security

Forcepoint电子邮件安全使用高级分类引擎(ACE) 来识别各种威胁,从恼人的垃圾邮件到高级恶意软件、网络钓鱼和商业电子邮件入侵(BEC) 攻击。

Web Security

通过本地管理控制,为受到严格监管的组织的网络和漫游员工提供高级 Web 威胁防护。