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Forcepoint NGFW

Everything we use, and then some, is now supported by Forcepoint. It is just an overall great solution.

Adrian Grimshaw

Apak Gets a More Resilient Environment with Forcepoint NGFW

When increased network traffic put a strain on the organization’s previous, proxy-based firewall product, Sword Apak—and its customers—knew they needed a solution that could protect at scale. A switch to Forcepoint NGFW made customers happy and provided the dependable protection they needed.


  • Previous solution—a proxy-based firewall—lacked the features needed to support a growing infrastructure, partly because of a significant increase in inbound and outbound traffic on the DNS server.
  • Apak customers began to notice increased traffic putting their own networks at risk and demanded a new solution.


  • Deploy Forcepoint NGFW for a packet inspection firewall with greater resilience: 24/7 availability in a load-balancing environment.


  • Now able to utilize multiple network links/nodes to flexibly increase bandwidth and provide automatic failover when individual nodes go down.
  • Technology that’s able to scale with the business.
  • Centralized management of 10 firewalls and 5 intrusion prevention system devices.
  • “Forcepoint NGFW gave us the opportunity to explore upgrades to our system but still run on known hardware platforms that we had already installed,” said Grimshaw.


Forcepoint NGFW

适用于企业SD-WAN 最安全的下一代防火墙