Today’s zero-perimeter world presents new challenges for protecting data and understanding user risk. With a focus on the rhythm of your people and the flow of your data, Forcepoint takes a unique approach to data protection and insider threats. Forcepoint delivers security driven by the Human Point – a focus on the people who create, touch and move data.

Focus on your people for visibility to the data they create and the applications they use. Identify user risk based on both human behavior and machine logs. By focusing on people, stop data loss by applying the appropriate control based on user risk and value of the data.

Our Approach

  • Secure regulated data everywhere your people work with single point of control for all the applications your people use to create, store and move data.
  • Protect Intellectual Property with advanced data protection that provides the visibility to user action and control of the data.
  • Identify user risk with behavioral analytics applied to both a broad view to systems throughout your IT environment and deep visibility at the endpoint.
  • Detect and protect any and all data with advanced fingerprinting, from large databases to a single instance of PII hidden in documents.

"We had an issue with an employee. He was trying to gain access to some customer data but was prevented from doing so using Forcepoint. I wasn’t expecting Forcepoint to detect such a detailed test but it did. My manager and upper management are very happy about this high level of quality from Forcepoint."

Ahmet Taskeser, Senior SIMM Leader, Finansbank

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Unique challenges require a more unique perspective. Forcepoint provides custom solutions that marry unparalleled experience, cutting edge products and industry-leading expertise to meet even the most demanding needs