Introducing Dynamic Data Protection

Adaptive security through behavior-centric analytics.




Forcepoint has two comprehensive training programs: one for clients who use our products, and another for our global partners who resell Forcepoint products. Our programs help maximize your investment or expertise in Forcepoint solutions so you can:

  • Deliver Forcepoint services most efficiently.
  • Validate your mastery and proficiency in Forcepoint technologies.
  • Promote enthusiastic adoption of the products by your users (as a customer).
  • Stand out from your competition and increase your sales (as a partner).

Find out more about our Training and Technical Certification programs:

Now Available: Forcepoint eLearning Training

Looking for more cost-effective and flexible training options? Forcepoint now offers self-paced Administrator training via eLearning. These computer-based eLearning courses cover system architecture, policy creation, incident management, reporting, maintenance and health assessment of the Forcepoint Security system. To enhance the learning experience, Forcepoint Master Instructors provide live demonstrations of key product configurations and testing. Click here to find out more information about and to purchase these eLearning offerings.


Training Policies for Virtual Courses

Registration Policy: Students must enroll in a class within 90 days of their purchase date. Exceptions will be granted if no class is available during the student’s local business hours.

Attendance Policy: Students joining class 10 minutes or later will not be permitted. Students must attend all sessions in their entirety to obtain access to the exam and certificate of completion.

Cancellations: Students cancelling less than 1 week prior to class will not be rescheduled. Substitutions must be provided 1 week prior to the start of class. If a medical emergency arises, please notify us at immediately.

Refunds: There are no refunds. Late cancellations will not be rescheduled or refunded. If an error was made during the purchase process, a training coordinator will work with the customer to correct the error and provide access to the correct course.

Forcepoint 拥有两项全面培训计划:一项面向使用我们产品的客户,一项面向分销 Forcepoint 产品的全球合作伙伴。我们的计划可助您获得 Forcepoint 解决方案的最大投资效益或最多专业知识,由此您可以:

  • 以最有效的方式提供 Forcepoint 服务。
  • 验证自己对 Forcepoint 技术的掌握和精通程度。
  • 促进用户选购产品(作为客户)的热情。
  • 在竞争中脱颖而出,提升销售额(作为合作伙伴)。