What is SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a new approach to networking and security that reinvents these technologies as converged cloud services. It provides uniform connectivity and protection everywhere so that people can work anywhere.

Forcepoint’s SASE goes beyond just securing access to web, cloud, and private applications. We put our industry-leading data protection at the center of our SASE platform, giving you unique control over how your data is used even after it is downloaded. We help you make your people more productive and your business safer.

Protect workers anywhere against advanced threats with cloud-delivered SASE

Keep malware out of downloads

Eliminate security gaps across web, cloud, networks, private apps

Control access based on the risk a resource presents

Prevent loss of data everywhere it's used, endpoint-to-cloud

Write policies once and use a SASE architecture to enforce them everywhere

Stop transfers of data with enterprise-grade DLP technology

Implement Zero Trust-as-a-service

Reduce complexity and cost with a converged SASE platform

Simplify deployment with a unified agent for endpoints

Safely connect remote sites to the cloud with secure SD-WAN

Automate and personalize enforcement based on risk

SASE Security Products

Cloud Security Gateway
以單項服務一次提供的網路、雲端以及資料安全措施。100% 雲端。
Data Loss Prevention
從九度 DLP 魔力象限的領導者企業獲得一流的企業防護方案。
NGFW Next Generation Firewall
企業級的 SD-WAN、強而有力的防護措施,與 SASE 的完美整合,全部融於一爐。

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