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Risk-Adaptive DLP Demo: Automating & Personalizing Data Security

The move to a hybrid workforce requires new, improved approaches to securing your people and data wherever they go. The ability to enforce data security policies--seamlessly from the endpoint, through the network, into the web and cloud--makes Data Loss Prevention (DLP), a long-standing technology previously perceived as complex and inefficient, increasingly accessible to, and effective for, mid-size organizations with hybrid work arrangements.

In this on-demand Forcepoint DLP demo we’ll use a real life scenario to show you how:

  • Risk-adaptive protection stays out of people’s way by focusing enforcement on high-risk activity
  • Dynamic risk scores for individual users are calculated to set personalized types of control at any point in time
  • Modern DLP lets users safely work with sensitive data by automatically detecting high-risk actions that could trigger a breach


Jim Fulton, Director of SASE & Zero Trust solutions
Stefano Artioli, Sr. Consulting Sales Engineer, Data Security Solutions