Risk-Adaptive Protection

Modernize Your DLP

Simplifying data security through personalized automation

Behavior-centric approach to data security

Gain better context and understanding of user intent by focusing on user behavior and their interaction with data

Increase employee productivity with individualized data security so low risk users can proceed as usual while limiting high risk user activity

Minimize false positives with a graduated approach to policy enforcement based on risk level so practitioners don’t experience alert overload

Enable safe collaboration on cloud applications by gaining insights to user engagement with cloud data

Investigate risk from insiders with efficiency and ease

Uncover insider risk at the earliest point of detection

Gain meaningful visibility into user interactions with critical data

Eliminate dangerous blind spots and power a complete view of when users are trending towards risky behavior

Understand user behaviors and intent with always up-to-date risk scoring

Unlock broad monitoring capabilities across 100+ Indicators of Behaviors (IOBs)

Implement a Zero Trust model with continuous user validation

Surface risk from sanctioned users and alert analysts to unusual behaviors at the earliest point of detection for a truly Zero Trust approach to security

Limit access based on unusual user activities that could indicate compromise

Validate user risk through real-time monitoring of ongoing user and data interaction

in time spent investigating security incidents
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Explore Risk-Adaptive Protection

Maximize security analyst efficiency and reduce alert fatigue

Risk-Adaptive Protection shifts organizations from an event-centric to a risk-centric approach to data security.

Get ahead of the exfiltration event through orchestration of policy adjustments at the user level

Gain investigation efficiency and increase learn capacity

Investigate risk from insiders with efficiency and ease

Reduce the need for manual touchpoints through a frictionless implementation process and personalized automation.

Increase analyst capacity to investigate users through automation and the elimination of false-positives

Free up your staff through an easily maintained infrastructure in the cloud and a 30-second agent deployment

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