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Remote Browser Isolation

Take back the web and have zero worries from zero day threats with Forcepoint’s RBI.

Time for an RBI revolution.

Employees need the freedom to work online. In fact, up to 75% of today’s work is done browsing the web. It can be a dangerous place with cyberattacks happening on malicious sites, disguised as helpful links in emails and drive-by downloads. High risk needs high protection - but not at the cost of impacting employee productivity.

Block attacks without blocking work.

Prevention beats detection with Zero Trust web browsing

Prevent malware from contaminating devices
Balance security and performance
Sanitize file downloads – automatically
Feels natural like native web browsing (no browser in browser)


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Security and speed – pick two

Add the ultimate form of web protection without adding friction or blocking access

Automating decisions on the endpoint doesn't require manual investigation or the effort of granting exceptions

Simplify management and gain consistency because RBI policies are part of SWG policies and all of it is accessed in the same UI

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Stop Zero Day threats without stopping work


• Provide all employees - remote or in office - freedom on the web

• Prevention of malware, even zero days

• Sanitizes websites and files for safe use of unsafe content

RBI simplifies web security as part of Forcepoint ONE

Do battle with two modes of isolation


• Not all websites or users are alike or require the same level of risk.

• Choose between two modes of secure isolation based on the content.

• Secure Streaming remotely renders content and streams back images to the user keeping the user safe from any potentially malicious content on the page.

• Secure Rendering strips out any active web content, recreates all active web content in a new, benign file. The new file is rendered locally to the user.

• Risk scores help you choose between the mode of isolation needed.

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