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Best Practices for, and Dispelling Myths Surrounding Modern Insider Threat Programs

Insider Threat Programs play a part in prevention in many different concerns: avoiding data exfiltration, data theft by a departing employee, detecting stolen credentials, individuals seeking to harm self or others, and contributing to overall cybersecurity against ransomware and malware.

As the threat landscape expands, teams seek to increase the effectiveness of their Insider Threat Programs. This whitepaper prepared by our partner - Venable, LLP - will provide you with:

  1. An overview of the existing policy landscape, and guidance for expansion of Insider Threat Programs across all networks and individuals, regardless of clearance status.
  2. Myths vs Facts around User Activity Monitoring, including UAM on green or unclassed networks.
  3. Best practices for departments, agencies, and service branches for creating and managing an Insider Threat Program.