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The Practical Executive’s Guide to SASE

Implementing SASE is more than just swapping in a new product; it’s a whole new strategy, you’re ripping out old products, consolidating and shifting services to the cloud, consolidating vendors… where do you start and who should you partner with on this journey?

In this guide, we look at the key considerations to help choose a platform, why taking a Data-First approach should be fundamental and identify five steps to help you prioritize your critical security challenges:

  1. Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud and Devices with CASB
  2. Protect Access to Private Apps with ZTNA
  3. Protect Dangerous and Inappropriate Web Use with SWG
  4. Deploy Data Security Consistently with DLP
  5. Improve the Security and Connectivity of Remote Sites with Secure SD-WAN

Get the guide and see how Forcepoint’s Data-First SASE can support your goals each step of the way.