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The Practical Guide to Data Security Everywhere

How to unify data security and save time and money by not managing multiple DLP solutions

Ensuring the security of sensitive data is top-of-mind. Siloed data loss prevention (DLP) solutions can’t keep up with data that’s spread across various platforms and channels, across web and cloud traffic, leading to potential breaches and regulatory compliance risks.

Forcepoint introduces Data Security Everywhere, an innovative approach that simplifies and unifies data security. Bring policy management and visibility to wherever your organization stores and uses data through a single, powerful data security solution. You can create one policy and deploy it everywhere by seamlessly combining our industry-leading DLP solution with our Forcepoint ONE SSE cloud platform . The result? Save hundreds of hours in admin time and costs that could tally up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

This guide explores the core elements of Data Security Everywhere, highlighting how reducing DLP complexity transforms Zero Trust data security into a strategic advantage for your business . Empower your security teams to tackle data challenges confidently and efficiently and learn how to simplify your data security strategy with Forcepoint.