New ways of working create new vulnerabilities

It's time for a user-centric security platform that can handle them all.

Keeping data secure is challenging enough in an office. Now, with everyone working from home, it’s even more complicated. Cloud applications spread data everywhere, unmanaged devices are in heavy use, and bad actors are attacking more than ever.

Gain visibility and control for cloud apps

Apply different policies for managed and unmanaged devices

Control what data can be moved to which cloud apps

Automate enforcement to block high-risk apps

Protect data in unmanaged work-from-home environments

Block printing of sensitive data

Stop users from transferring critical IP

Ensure proper email protection on managed and unmanaged devices

Stop thieves from compromising employee credentials and stealing your data

Keep malware out of downloads

Eliminate suspicious links to ransomware

Prevent data leaks from privileged user actions

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Remote Worker Security Products

Cloud Security Gateway
以單項服務一次提供的網路、雲端以及資料安全措施。100% 雲端。
Data Loss Prevention
從九度 DLP 魔力象限的領導者企業獲得一流的企業防護方案。
Private Access
針對私人應用程式實施零信任網路存取權限 (Zero Trust Network Access, ZTNA)——遠離 VPN 帶來的困擾。

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