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Evalueserve protects its clients’ large proprietary data stores, safeguards its own intellectual property, and meets regulatory requirements with Forcepoint DLP, Email, and Web Security.

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Evalueserve is a 4,000+ people strong global professional services firm. Powered by mind+machineTM methodology, a unique combination of human expertise and best-in- class technologies, Evalueserve designs and manages data- and knowledge-intensive processes for its global clients, helping them get the most out of their core processes. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the data it utilizes as well as its own intellectual property, the company needs to ensure that there are no security gaps that would allow its crown jewels to be compromised. Forcepoint DLP, Email, and Web Security help Evalueserve maintain the security of its business, its clients’ data and its own reputation, especially during a rapidly changing business environment.


  • Data privacy and security compliance and regulations
  • Prevention of data breaches
  • Remote workforce protection
  • Ensuring business continuity


  • Implement Forcepoint’s Data Loss Prevention, Email, and Web Security


  • Fool-proof data protection
  • Agile workforce
  • Superior customer service
  • Unparalleled remote workforce protection

In today’s complex global business environment, it’s essential for companies to get the most out of their processes – to be as efficient as possible, as connected as possible, and deliver as much value as possible. Global intelligence and analytics consulting firm Evalueserve helps its clients do just that. By combining the insights emerging from data and research with the efficiency of digital tools and platforms, it designs impactful solutions tailored for its clients’ business needs. This means providing services and solutions for organizations across industries, including logistics, retail, consumer goods, and chemicals. The firm has a rich heritage of pioneering innovative solutions from “research augmented data analytics” to ROI- focused digital transformation. The 4,000+ strong global team of professionals is helping companies to find the best solutions for their business challenges.

As part of its innovative services, the company has one of the largest data and intellectual property stores in the world. Evalueserve needs to ensure that critical data is protected at all costs, as any data breach would not only deliver a massive monetary loss but also a huge reputational loss for the company.

Ensuring Data Regulatory Compliance across Countries and the Cloud

Evalueserve maintains a global footprint with customers and operations based in Europe, with offices in the UK, Romania, and Switzerland. Therefore, compliance is a major concern, particularly with the coming of regulations such as the GDPR. There are similar regulatory requirements in other parts of the world where the company operates. For example, South American countries, the USA and China, all have their own compliance rules. While the Chinese government has enforced controls on connectivity and data, the government of India is also planning to enforce a data protection law. Moreover, there are sector-specific regulations, such as those for banking and finance. The company had to ensure that there is an amalgamation of all those controls. There is one more significant reason why cybersecurity is critical to the company: Evalueserve has a massive presence on the cloud. The company’s messaging systems, collaboration systems, as well as their deliverables and products, are all cloud-based.

“In cybersecurity, the most important aspect is to know what your confidential data is, where it resides, and how to ensure that it does not go out of your premises. All our deliverables, appeasements, collaboration, and relationships revolve around this data. Therefore, data protection is the most important factor and cybersecurity is of utter importance to us,” says Anuj Joshi, Vice President Information Technology, Evalueserve.

“Forcepoint DLP helps us maintain our data security and meet our regulatory requirements across the world.”
 - Joshi

Maintaining Business Continuity During a Rapid Shift to Work-from-Home

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a rapid shift in the working landscape, and most of the workforce suddenly had to work remotely to abide by lockdown rules. Despite this, the company needed to maintain business continuity, timelines, and productivity, even while they secure and protect information assets. Moreover, there has been a huge shift in the way a typical user operates. In a normal business scenario, the perimeter, devices, and controls are protected. This ensures that the movement from internal to external environment or the vice versa is controlled and monitored. With this equation changed, the immediate requirement for the company was to take that security paradigm from on-premises and place it at each individual user’s workstation due to their contractual obligations and compliance requirements. However, the rapid transition necessitated by lockdown conditions proved to be simple for the company as it had already been experimenting with the technology.

“Work-from-home was very easy for us. In 2019, we did about 82 drills. So, our people knew what is to be done, how it is to be done, and the principles that we have to follow. The only change was that the granularity or the vastness of the work-from-home set of users was expanded multi-fold. While we earlier used to do a drill of 80-odd people, we had to extend that to about 4,000 users. That was a challenge. Forcepoint solutions helped us in overcoming this challenge,” says Joshi. No wonder then that the company had smooth sailing during the audit conducted during the pandemic.

“One day we just said, ‘ok we are working from home now’ and we did that. As far as the work-from-home culture goes, we are completely into it. However, there is still scope for improvisation and we continue to strive in that direction,” says Joshi.

Leveraging Technology to Increase Efficiency and Security During a Challenging Business Environment

The company has adopted the latest technology processes in order to increase its own efficiency during this challenge. Today, the company doesn’t manually prepare laptops, it only delivers them to the user’s residence. The user independently powers on the laptop, connects to the Wi-Fi, and the machine is prepared automatically.

“These are the kind of technologies that we have implemented: Every communication is two-factor. Every laptop is encrypted and so on,” says Joshi. However, the transition was not without its share of challenges. One of the major ones was that cyberattacks increased dramatically during the pandemic.

“During the Covid period, we assessed the email flow and analyzed it diligently every month. There was a huge uptick in attacks on our perimeter network. The number of unsolicited emails also increased dramatically. To give you an example, in the month of June, there were over 1.2 million hits on our India Firewall,” says Joshi. The analysis also revealed that only 46 percent of emails were legitimate.

The company took a number of steps to ensure that it remained protected. The file servers and backups were encrypted. Forcepoint Email Security was combined with Microsoft Office 365. Two layers of scanning were implemented.

“According to a Forcepoint assessment in the midst of Covid pandemic, we found that we were in a much better state, compared to other companies. That’s why we survived in a far better way than our counterparts.” says Joshi.

The cybersecurity expert feels relieved due to these developments. “Forcepoint has never failed. And that’s why we trust the product. It has been about sixteen years with this company. Back then, I did the first Websense deployment and was part of the technical team. The beauty of it is that the experience has not changed. You get the same feeling when you drive your favorite car. It’s always been like that,” recalls Joshi.

A Long-Standing Relationship with the Top Security Solutions

“When people ask me how we control website access, Forcepoint is the one that we mention. No client has ever objected to having Forcepoint as our gatekeeper for internal as well as external communication. And that’s the best part about Forcepoint.”
 - Joshi.

Customer Profile

Evalueserve is a global analytics and consulting leader, offering a range of services—including data analytics, service design consulting, knowledge services, and digital platforms to customers across 15-plus industries.