Abril 25, 2023

Forcepoint ONE Insights: Visualize the impact of your security investment

How do you know your security efforts are paying off?
Corey Kiesewetter

Every year, organizations spend more money on cybersecurity products. As they do, calculating the ROI of those tools gets more convoluted. We saw an opportunity to simplify—that’s the idea behind Forcepoint ONE Insights.

Insights features a dashboard comprised of several intuitive out-of-the-box widgets that provide a robust view of activity across the core Forcepoint ONE channels (SWG, CASB and ZTNA). This view makes it easy to use industry-standard values or custom figures to assess the dollar value associated with multiple risks across the organization—including things like:

  • Sensitive data protection
  • Ransomware protection 
  • Unsanctioned apps being accessed

Forcepoint ONE Insights also provides a quantitative view of the policies being enforced, and the users that are triggering those policies across your organization. Forcepoint ONE Insights also provides a quantitative view of the policies being enforced, and the users that are triggering those policies across your organization.  The unique Forcepoint Security Index score provides a metric that makes it easy to see how much of the Forcepoint ONE platform is being utilized and across how much of the user population.  This also makes it easy to track a strengthening security posture over time.

Visibility into data-at-rest and data-in-motion across various resources and users is key to Zero Trust. Putting data security policies in place provides necessary telemetry for Zero Trust, but Forcepoint goes further to make it simple to see the spread of sensitive data by channel as well as visualizing the value that is being protected by DLP policies.

Forcepoint ONE Insights - Main Dashboard



In addition to the predefined analytics and dashboards that come with Insights (see demo video below), the ‘Discover’ mode enables admins to create highly-customizable dashboards and widgets using any dimensions or measures captured by Forcepoint ONE security services.  The Discover mode makes it easy to correlate data across any metrics you choose.  You can then save the correlated data as a widget for repeated inspection, and build out custom dashboards comprised of your own specific set of custom widgets.

Forcepoint ONE Insights now makes it easier to see the collective value of a strengthened security posture. We built it to serve as a map that helps your organization chart its path to Zero Trust. With Forcepoint ONE Insights, we’re among the first SASE vendors to make it easy for your organization to visualize the economic impact of your security investment. And it’s something we’ll continue to build on.

Check out the Insights demo video for a closer look at how it works:

Corey Kiesewetter

Corey Kiesewetter is Forcepoint’s Sr. Product Manager for cloud security products, with a focus on SASE and Zero Trust applications.  Corey has been directly helping IT practitioners realize best practices in datacenter operations the past decade and holds a degree in...

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