Diciembre 22, 2022

Want to Learn About Forcepoint ONE? Watch the SANS Institute Webinar

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Lionel Menchaca

Even before the pandemic, organizations had already begun to shift an increasing number of workloads to the cloud. The pandemic shifted that trend into high gear, resulting in the adoption of many SaaS aps. It also forced organizations to deal with data being accessed from any number of locations, across managed and unmanaged devices alike.

This reality means organizations access and use data across an ever-increasing number of applications (in addition to even more integrations). Managing all of it from a policy perspective quickly becomes overwhelming. And for the large majority of organizations adopting the cloud at an accelerated pace, their cloud adoption rate clearly eclipses their security adoption rate.

Forcepoint ONE exists to help security teams manage data across cloud applications, web applications and private applications. It gives security teams unprecedented policy flexibility, allowing them to manage data in motion or at rest that can be adapted differently based on how departments or individual employees use the tools.

SANS Institue January 12 webinar - Simplifying Cloud Security with Forcepoint ONE


Join SANS instructor Matt Bromiley and Mike Schuricht, VP of Product Management from Forcepoint, for an in-depth discussion of the Forcepoint ONE Security Service Edge platform, and how it directly handles the needs of today’s hybrid workforces.

If your organization is struggling with managing data across all types of applications, start 2023 off right by watching the full webinar nowSimplifying Cloud Security: A SANS Review of Forcepoint ONE.

Lionel Menchaca

As the Senior Digital Communications & Content Manager, Lionel leads Forcepoint's social media and blogging efforts. He's responsible for the company's global editorial strategy and is part of a core team responsible for content strategy and execution on behalf of the company.


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