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George Kamis

George Kamis is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Global Governments and Critical Infrastructure. He works closely with Information Assurance industry leaders, government executives, and the Forcepoint executive management team to help guide their long-term technology strategy and keeps it aligned with federal and industry requirements. By leveraging his wealth of over 25 years of experience in Cyber and Cross Domain Solutions, he has helped lead Forcepoint (previously, Raytheon|Websense, Raytheon Cyber Products and Trusted Computer Solutions) to the forefront of Cyber and Cross Domain product development. Prior to his role as CTO, he served as Vice President of Engineering for 10 years at Trusted Computer Solutions and ran both the Professional Services and Development organizations. Raytheon acquired Trusted Computer Solutions in 2010. Raytheon Cyber Products was established in 2014. Raytheon|Websense was created as a joint venture in 2015. Forcepoint was created in January 2016.


Prior to Trusted Computer Solutions, Mr. Kamis worked for the US Naval Research Laboratory, Center for High Assurance Computer Systems and developed multilevel secure systems for the Navy. He also involved with the testing and deployment of US Navy communication security devices. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering with honors from West Virginia University and holds active memberships in both the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA).

Mr. Kamis is also an active member of the Technology Committee for the Fairfax County Federal Credit Union and consults on information technology and cyber security related matters.

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