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Francisco Partners to Acquire Forcepoint from Raytheon Technologies.

Forcepoint X-Labs

Pioneering integrated behavior and threat-intelligence innovations

Meet the industry’s only lab that combines cybersecurity researchers, human behavior researchers, data scientists, and counter-intelligence specialists.


We drive proactive—not reactive—protection by understanding human and machine behavior and the movement of critical data.

Focus areas

Behavioral Fingerprints

Human behavior

Applying insights from behavioral intelligence to cybersecurity

Stop Ransomware

Threat and behavior intelligence research

Applying up-to-date threat and behavior intelligence for stronger cyber protection solutions

Discover Data

AI and data science

Leveraging machine learning and analytics for behavioral understanding

Game-changing approaches

Building on traditional threat intelligence by adding the power of behavioral intelligence insights

Adaptive Trust Profile

The Adaptive Trust Profile™ (ATP) is a core building block of Forcepoint’s Converged Security Platform. More than a technology, the ATP is a collection of attributes, models and inferences about entities which derives, through applied artificial intelligence and analytics, a set of risks for each entity. The ATP allows security professionals to focus on those entities which truly pose the highest level of risk to the business and employees. With this approach, we allow customers to escape the reactive and binary, event-based approaches to drive risk adaptive protection.

Cyber Behavior Catalog

The Cyber Behavior Catalog™ allows us to map observations made over many different data sources and times to actual human and machine behaviors. These behaviors are the building blocks of the behavior models that help populate and leverage the Adaptive Trust Profile.

Behavior and Threat Intelligence

Behavioral and threat intelligence insights enable products in the Forcepoint portfolio to continuously improve their ability to provide dynamic, adaptive protection of your data, people, and machines.

X-Labs expertise

X-Labs Team at Forcepoint

We are researchers with expertise in cognitive science, physics, engineering, big data, artificial intelligence, and security research. Our backgrounds vary from national government and research labs to some of the top technology organizations in the world.

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