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Novembre 4, 2021

Beware the NetSec Pretenders

The saying is “real devs (developers) ship products.” But, real DevSec (development security) teams ship secure products. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen a lot of buzz about groundbreaking, “disruptive” technologies emerging and being sold into the market.

But, if we’ve made such big strides forward, then how is it that cyber attacks have never been more prevalent than they are today? Attacks are happening across more sectors, more often, and becoming more expensive. The reality is that the shiny object companies attracting the most early and mid-stage funding are nothing more than dusted in glitter when taken under the microscope. They have strategically placed only the most obvious pieces of the puzzle, shipped the product, and declared victory.

At Forcepoint, that simply isn’t how we do business. We do security.

Early in the development of our industry-leading Next-Generation Firewall, we had to make an important choice: security or innovation above all else? Our network security tools were born with the principles of zero trust, long before the term was declared an industry standard. We make the commitment not just to build, but to build correctly, with a security-first in mindset.

We have NetSec team members that have been driving our products for over twenty years. Through mergers and acquisitions, our resilient and steadfast team remains committed to building and maintaining a product that, today, defends the front lines of some of the most sensitive organizations, governments, and militaries around the world. We don’t just ship products – we ship battle-tested, certified, industry-leading network security solutions that deliver.

Though we are often referred to as “the best kept secret” in network security since we aren’t the most talked about player in the industry, we also have not made major headlines reporting on unpatched vulnerabilities and zero days that allow full remote takeovers. Innovation inevitably introduces new risk, which is why our NetSec team takes a cautionary and thorough approach to development and delivery. We are a team that believes a true state of cyber security exists. And we are building it.

À propos de Forcepoint

Forcepoint est une entreprise leader en cybersécurité pour la protection des utilisateurs et des données. Son objectif est de protéger les entreprises tout en stimulant la transformation et la croissance numériques. Nos solutions s’adaptent en temps réel à la façon dont les personnes interagissent avec les données, et offrent un accès sécurisé tout en permettant aux employés de créer de la valeur.