The biggest threat to your sensitive data comes from within

User Activity Monitoring (UAM) stops threats the moment they're detected.

Risky insiders, whether malicious or negligent, are responsible for nearly 60% of all data breaches. With the mass migration to unsupervised remote work environments, the risk to an organization's sensitive data has never been greater.

Gain visibility into how users interact with your critical data

Continuously monitor risky behaviors and trends in real-time

Easily understand user intent through context-rich analytics

Prioritize the riskiest users with comprehensive risk scores

Uncover malicious and compromised insiders "left of loss"

Understand sentiment with keyword monitoring across broad channels

Detect anomalous behavior that deviates from the baseline

Use UAM to confidently block risky behaviors before a breach

Ensure privacy and compliance within your organization

Monitor user activities while keeping their information private

Limit access and ensure the integrity of personal data

Automate manual touchpoints to remove human bias

User Activity Monitoring Products
Forcepoint Insider Threat
사용자 행동에 대한 독보적 가시성 확보를 통해 내부에서 IP를 보호하고 위협을 탐지함
Data Loss Prevention
DLP용 9x Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader가 제공하는 업계 최고의 보호 기능.

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