Julho 27, 2023

Secure your Custom Applications with Forcepoint DLP App Data Security API

Easily integrate true data security into your organization’s in-house software
Kevin Oliveira

Did you know that a majority of software applications (some estimates upward of 62% of all enterprise software applications) are developed in-house for in-house use only?  There’s also a healthy growth rate for these in-house custom applications well into the future, despite numerous off-the-shelf options being readily available.


While organizations see clear benefits to developing custom in-house applications, building them comes with some obvious and not-so-obvious challenges. 

Forcepoint DLP App Data Security API

Key benefits for in-house applications are:

  • Flexibility: Businesses can tailor their applications to their specific needs.
  • Control: Businesses have more control over the security and quality of their applications.
  • Cost: Many times, developing in-house can be more cost-effective than buying off-the-shelf software.

But building custom applications also comes with two obvious challenges: 1) The time it takes and 2) The skills that need to be either developed or recruited since it’s not often a core competency of a business. 

More importantly, security and risk are two aspects that organizations don’t think about enough during the development process. One risk: the software development effort often adds complexity or worse—it may not be successful at all.  Another risk is the lack of security controls available for internal applications. 

Widely used off-the-shelf solutions typically include basic security capabilities. Commercial software like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace are good examples of this.  The individual applications in those offerings have basic controls to protect data being created and accessed by users in those applications. 

In-house applications don’t have that advantage.  Additionally, these custom applications are unknown to security providers. As such, this makes them harder to directly secure—vulnerable to attacks or other problems like data exfiltration.


Forcepoint App Data Security API provides security for custom applications

Today, we’re introducing a way for organizations to protect custom applications via the Forcepoint DLP App Data Security API.  App Data Security API is a cutting-edge solution designed to address the complexities of modern data security. Forcepoint's App Data Security API simplifies custom application security utilizing a REST API, enabling organizations to safeguard data and information that resides within custom applications outside of traditional protocols such as SMTP, HTTP and FTP. This gives organizations the ability to send information to the App Data Security API for analysis and respond with policy actions to protect sensitive information directly within the custom applications without an agent. 


Key Use Cases of App Data Security API

1. Internal Custom Applications: Organizations with in-house applications can leverage the App Data Security API to analyze file and data traffic from within their applications. Sending this traffic to Forcepoint DLP for analysis means that data security policies can be applied and enforced within these custom applications.

The API allows for a rich set of DLP actions, such as allowing, blocking, encrypting, or quarantining data, offering comprehensive protection and preventing unauthorized data exposure.

2. Third Party Services:  Customers who also use third party services (within any SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) that exchange data and do not support traditional DLP protocols. These integrate any DIM (data-in-motion) or DAR (data-at-rest) component, custom file-sharing apps, and anything outside of SMTP, HTTP, or FTP traffic.

3. Third-Party Application Repositories: The App Data Security API also strengthens security within third-party application repositories like Confluence and Kiteworks. With the API, internal developers can create plug-ins to examine file and data transfers within these repositories, enabling the application of DLP policies for an enhanced level of data protection.

App Data Security API, DLP, API

Availability and Implementation

The App Data Security API seamlessly integrates with Forcepoint's Enterprise DLP Network or Enterprise DLP Suite. To learn more about the Forcepoint Data Security API and its capabilities, read the Forcepoint App Data Security API brochure, request a demo, or reach out to your Forcepoint sales representative or sales partner.

Kevin Oliveira

Kevin serves as Senior Product Marketing Manager for Forcepoint’s Data Security products and solutions.  He has over 20 years experience helping enterprises with their data and security initiatives with leadership positions at Dell EMC and IBM. 

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