Janeiro 21, 2021

Revolutionising Cybersecurity - SASE Special Report by Raconteur


Forcepoint recently turned to Raconteur Publishing for research into the forces shaping the cloud-first business world. In this report dedicated to fundamental changes in the deployment of technology, Raconteur authors Christine Horton, Nick Ismail and Tamlin Magee deliver insights gleaned from speaking to twelve cyber experts about the benefits of SASE and Zero Trust.

The Essentials

There are six parts to the paper. It is interspersed with independent market data from the Ponemon Institute, Accelerate Technologies, Accenture and Thales Group. The practical steps covered include:

  • The Technology Deployment Revolution

Over the years, approaches such as CASB,or cloud access security brokers, firewall-as-a-service and identity and access management has gone some way towards assisting companies to build better defences. So what’s missing?

  • How to make SASE a board-level priority

It’s critical to make clear to the board that SASE will touch multiple departments. To drive this agenda, there needs to be at the minimum a strong business alignment between the chief information security officer (CISO), chief information officer and data protection officer.

  • Using the security stack to differentiate your culture

Currently, the security experience for the user is generally poor and to change the status quo, organisations should adopt integrated security solutions focused on identity management and cloud scalability. This will ensure the user experience is consistent and flexible, which is necessary in a remote-working environment.

Read more and find out why interviewees from TechMarketView, Ulster University and other companies maintain that by embracing new approaches, organisations can ensure the security and privacy of their data and systems in the cloud.

You will also find translations of the report in German, French, Italian and Spanish.


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