Escorts Limited Manufacturing’s Valuable IP is Secured with Forcepoint DLP

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With over one million tractors in the fields in India, 16,000 construction and material handling units, and five million automobile components manufactured to date, Escorts Limited is a premiere company with enterprise-level data security requirements. To safeguard its valuable IP, regardless of location, the company chose Forcepoint DLP.


  • Extensive R&D that generates a large volume of in-house IP in the form of blueprints and designs for engines, transmissions, and machines like tractors, cranes, backhoe loaders, compactors, and equipment used in railways required protection.
  • The company also does business with leading manufacturers worldwide, creating even more IP that must be secured.
  • A largely mobile global marketing and sales force required secure access to IP on and off the official network.


  • The company chose Forcepoint DLP to protect valuable data wherever it lives—on endpoints, servers, in the cloud, or on-premises. Powerful DLP functionality helps protect data-at-rest, data-in-motion, and data-in-use, while a user-friendly wizard makes it easy to deploy and manage the solution.


  • Shortly after implementing and fine-tuning the policies in the Forcepoint DLP solution, the company noticed a “drastic” decrease in the number of false positives recorded in a given week.
  • Both the project and the CIO leading the effort have won awards for this implementation.

“With our team and Forcepoint, we finetuned our data classification policies which resulted in the number of false positives getting drastically reduced.”
- Vipin Kumar, Group CIO, Escorts Limited

Customer Profile

Escorts Limited is one of India’s leading engineering conglomerates in agri-machinery, construction, material handling, and railway equipment.