Introducing Dynamic Data Protection

Adaptive security through behavior-centric analytics.



如今的世界是“超连接”的时代,想要创造精彩?请加入 Forcepoint™。

Forcepoint has a bold vision: to understand the world's cyber behaviors to stop the bad and free the good.

Join us as we reinvent the cybersecurity industry.

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What do people have to do with cybersecurity?

Everything, it turns out. Threats continually evolve and technologies come and go, but people are the constant. People are at the center of today’s most publicized global security incidents. Ultimately, cybersecurity isn’t about technology - it’s about protecting the human point of interaction between people, critical data and intellectual property.

And Forcepoint isn’t just in the cybersecurity industry… We create it every day around the globe.

The team here at Forcepoint is reinventing cybersecurity by creating uncompromising systems that understand people’s behaviors and motivations as they interact with data and intellectual property everywhere.

Forcepoint CEO Matt Moynahan

The human point of interaction between people, critical data and intellectual property—where technology is most enabling and security is most vulnerable—can undermine even the most comprehensively-designed cybersecurity systems in a single malicious or unintentional act.

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Who is Forcepoint?

Forcepoint has 2,500+ employees worldwide with our headquarters based in Austin, Texas. We have a strong global footprint – with over 50 offices in 43 countries.

Our products are proven at leading companies (both commercial and governments) spanning 155+ countries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. We are not only protecting companies, we also protect various governments & agencies across the globe.

Forcepoint strong global footprint

Bottom line, we are one of the world’s largest private cybersecurity companies. Forcepoint has unlimited opportunities for personal growth in a new career where you can make an impact. We’re a “new” company with decades of experience protecting the human point in cybersecurity.

Our values are who we are…

Trustworthy | Respectful | Collaborative | Innovative | Accountable | Relentless

…and drive everything we do.

  • Forcepoint: Trustworthy
  • Forcepoint: Respectful
  • Forcepoint: Collaborative
  • Forcepoint: Innovative
  • Forcepoint: Accountable
  • Forcepoint: Relentless

Bring your best and become even better

Intelligent, skilled and diverse people are why Forcepoint is a leader in the cybersecurity market. We need the best of the best to create our cybersecurity solutions. Creativity and innovation are what will you bring and what keeps us ahead of the curve, no matter where you might be in the world.

Our promise to you

  • A Big Investment in You — Highly competitive compensation and benefits are just the beginning. You'll also get all the training and support you need to succeed and grow your career.
  • A Company with Global Reach — We're a unique mix of over 1,250 developers, security labs techies, technical support, sales reps, marketing folks and channel partners making it happen 24/7, all over the world. Your opportunities to excel? Virtually unlimited.
  • A Dynamic Industry — Cybersecurity is exploding. If you have the skills and motivation to join us, you're in for an exciting and challenging ride.
  • The Chance to Make a Difference — Make a REAL impact on the world to make it more secure and safe.

At Forcepoint, we believe inclusion inspires innovation. Learn more.

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Forcepoint 的使命是预测并消除威胁,以便全球的公司和机构能随时随地以良好的工作姿态开拓进取。20多年来,我们让客户对自己的网络安全状态高枕无忧,藉此建立声誉,成为网络安全领导者。为实现我们的使命,我们诚意招聘最有能力且最具进取精神的技术和商业专业人才。

是什么让 Forcepoint 脱颖而出?

  • 人力投资 — 我们提供有吸引力的薪酬福利,但更重要的是,我们展示了自己致力于让团队成员持续发展的承诺。无论您身处工程、销售、市场营销、运营还是支持部门,您都能获得助您取得成功的培训。
  • 我们的全球组织 — Forcepoint 通过遍布全球的办事处为全世界 150 个国家的超过 25,000 个客户服务,把握无限商机。同时,在自己业务所及的领域内积极参加慈善和教育项目,也让我们更胜一筹。
  • 充满活力的行业 — 网络安全领域正快速发展,并呈现出不断的挑战。不是每个人都适适应它,但如果您有能力和动力加入我们的行列,您将拥有一个令人兴奋的职业生涯。
  • 改变机会 — 您与您所关心的人每天都依赖于安全的互联网。为 Forcepoint 工作意味着对我们所生活的这个世界的经济与社会健康发挥作用。