Octubre 12, 2023

Cybersecurity's Widespread Impact: Unpacking Threats Across Industries

What you missed in Q3 episodes of the To The Point Cybersecurity Podcast
Lionel Menchaca

From electric vehicles to satellites to schools, cybersecurity impacts every aspect of our lives. To better understand the unique cyber threats faced across industries, To The Point Cybersecurity podcast featured several experts who shared their industry-specific experiences navigating the cyber threat landscape. If you’re looking to better understand cybersecurity’s widespread reach into our everyday lives, take a look at our quick summary of a few key episodes:

Securing Electric Vehicles in the Federal Fleet with Matt Bianco — Ep. 241

As the federal government works to transition its fleet to electric vehicles (EVs), cybersecurity must be top-of-mind. Matt Bianco, President of FedWay Consulting, joined the podcast to drill into the intricacies of EV charging infrastructure, from data protection to compliance. Bianco broke down the three different levels of EV chargers, the highest of which, level three chargers capable of delivering 150 kilowatts and above, poses the greatest potential cyber risk. He also highlighted the potential for the vehicles themselves to be hacked, as they are essentially drivable computers.


In this episode, Bianco explains what innovations lie ahead for EVs and which federal agencies are leading the electric charge. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is the current trailblazer, thanks in part to its 60-person electrification team.


The Cyber Satellite Threat with Mark Montgomery — Ep. 245

Satellites are the backbone of modern communication and underpin everything from transportation to weather reports. And yet, they are not currently considered critical infrastructure and thus often lack sufficient security protocols. Mark Montgomery, senior director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ Center on Cyber and Technology Innovation and director of CSC 2.0, joined the podcast to discuss the importance of securing satellites, particularly as adversaries like Russia and China work to exploit their vulnerabilities as a component of warfare.


A Navy veteran, Montgomery shares his wealth of knowledge on the subject, offering our listeners key insights about the complexities of securing beyond the terrestrial edge, making this episode a true eye-opener. In addition to contextualizing just how critical satellites are to everyday life, Montgomery also touched on the importance of the Satellite Cybersecurity Act currently working its way through Congress.


Cyber Safety is Patient Safety with Joshua Corman — Ep. 247

Joshua Corman, founder of the grassroots organization I Am the Cavalry, which works to ensure technologies people depend on daily are safe and secure, joined the podcast to discuss the public health implications associated with cyberattacks. During his two-part episode, Corman describes the cybersecurity risks associated with healthcare, particularly as more medical devices operate on software and more hospitals face staffing shortages and budget cuts. These risks serve as just one of the many reasons Corman believes cybersecurity should be redefined as a pillar of public safety. You can find part two here.


Cyber Attackers and the Powerful Allure of School Systems with Julia Fallon — Ep. 250

Last but not least, we were also joined by Julia Fallon, Executive Director of the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), who discussed cybersecurity in public school systems. Since K-12 schools don’t tend to upgrade technology as quickly as other industries, cybersecurity is often forgotten, making schools a prime target for hackers, as they house sensitive student information. While insurance companies have forced improved cybersecurity for some schools, there remains room for progress.


In addition to discussing how schools can improve digital security, Fallon also touches on how cybersecurity curriculum can help lay the groundwork for the next generation of cyber talent.

New episodes of To The Point Cybersecurity are published every Tuesday. You can listen to these episodes and more wherever you get your podcasts:

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