Cyber Safety is Patient Safety with Joshua Corman (Part 1)

About This Headline

We had so much to talk about with this week’s guest that we made it a two-part episode! Joining us this week, and next week, is Joshua Corman, Founder of grassroots organization I Am the Cavalry. Josh shares insights from his many years on the healthcare cyber front lines and provides both a captivating and sobering perspective on the state of healthcare security today.

And while there have been many strides forward, we still have a long way to go. Audra and I learned so much during our discussion including themes such as cyber asbestos, the emerging care desert, dependency on undependable things, recalibrating the cost of connected medicine, if you can’t protect it/can’t connect it, the Omnibus Appropriations Act, and actionable insights on what we can do right now, as individuals and collectively, to make a difference.