Secure Data Everywhere. 
Empower Work Anywhere. 

Data security protects your secrets, your innovations, and the trust of your customers. Let's face it: cybersecurity is data security. 

Avoid the potential breaches, regulatory headaches, and productivity pitfalls plaguing enterprises. Defend across every key point of exfiltration, simplify compliance, and reduce risk while maximizing potential with Data Security Everywhere. 


Secure Cloud, Endpoint and BYOD With One Policy

Scale enterprise-class DLP to users everywhere with 1,700+ pre-built policies 

Eliminate multiple DLPs and manual policy syncing between DLPs

Enforce policies on unmanaged devices and within unmanaged web apps. 

Automate Data Discovery and Classification with AI

Find unstructured data faster and classify it more accurately using AI and ML 

View permissions and enforce Zero Trust for data stored on-premises and in the cloud 

Categorize data across 70+ fields within 900+ file types at scale 

Automate Data Security in Real Time Based on Risky Behavior

Reduce false-positive alerts by focusing on the context of the behavior 

Monitor user behavior and automatically adapt policies to stop exfiltration 

Provide broad access to data with dynamic control over risky individuals  

Keep Users and Data Safe While Browsing the Web

Prevent known and unknown malware attacks from risky websites 

Inspect data uploaded from server applications to web storage 

Eliminate multiple data security tools and manual policy syncing between them

Prevent Data Exfiltration in Outbound Email

Get visibility and control over what data can be emailed out of the enterprise 

Deploy in minutes and use the same set of data security policies everywhere 

Prevent sensitive data loss via email – enterprises' highest risk channel

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