Automate Classification for All Your Data 

Privacy compliance is only as effective as an enterprise's visibility of its data. 

Forcepoint Data Classification uses a highly trained AI model to power continuous classification of 50+ file types. Uncover Redundant, Outdated and Trivial (ROT) data to reduce false positives and risk of non-compliance. 

Highly Accurate and Efficient Data Classification

Utilize a secure 50-dimensional generative AI model that self-trains on your data 

Integrate with Forcepoint DLP and cloud locations with no user training 

Locate and classify data within 50+ file types, including image and video 

Streamline Compliance and Enhance Reporting

Easily implement and demonstrate compliance for regional and industry regulations 

Reduce false-positive alerts with a more precise classification methodology 

Improve data classification accuracy and efficiency over time with AI 

Supercharge Your Data Security

Continuously discover and classify sensitive data with AI-powered automation 

Prioritize efforts to protect intellectual property and regulated data 

Simplify data protection by reducing ROT data


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Discover, classify and orchestrate data with AI-powered automation.  

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