Stop Data Loss with DLP Email Security

Email is the most essential productivity tool for a business – and it’s also its most vulnerable.

Forcepoint Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) deploys on major cloud email providers in minutes without an agent, enabling security teams to apply the same data security policies to outbound emails that they have in the cloud, at the endpoint or anywhere else.

Get Visibility and Control over Data in Emails

Deploy on M365 Exchange, Google Workspace, and other email services in minutes

Access to 1,700+ classifiers and pre-built policy templates for 80+ countries

Manage email data storage on-premises or in the cloud

Eliminate Risk and Gaps in Coverage

Enhance capabilities such as quarantine, encryption, manager approval, and more

Integrate with Forcepoint data security products for unified policy enforcement

Prevent data exfiltration on both managed and unmanaged devices

Comprehensive Coverage with Data Security Everywhere

Enforce a single set of policies for email, cloud, web, network and endpoint

Unify reporting and security incident remediation from a single console

Reduce operational costs, streamline reporting and improve productivity by 31%

Email Data Security Products

Forcepoint ONE Data Security (Cloud DLP)
Prevent breaches and streamline compliance from the cloud.

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