Real-Time Remediation for Real-World Problems 

Risk can change in an instant and your DLP needs to respond as quickly as threats emerge. 

Risk-Adaptive Protection automatically adjusts policy enforcement actions based on user behavior. Respond to incidents quickly and accurately to block high-risk users without impacting the productivity of low-risk individuals.  

Automate Policy Enforcement Based on Risk

Use 130+ indicators of behavior to systematically define user intent 

Apply a risk score of 0-100 to identify incidents that need further analysis 

Enforce various actions based on risk score, from audit to blocking

Reduce False-Positive Alerts with Confidence

Isolate high-risk activities for investigation to reduce practitioner workload 

Introduce guardrails for users who make mistakes, without stopping work 

Proactively prevent data exfiltration with individualized policy enforcement 

Data Security Everywhere for the Unexpected

Enforce a single set of policies for email, cloud, web, network and endpoint 

Unify reporting and security incident remediation from a single console 

Reduce operational costs, streamline reporting and improve productivity by 31%

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