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The Quest for a Single Set of Unified DLP Policies (IDC)

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Organizations today have multiple DLP solutions at the endpoint and across CASB, SWG, and email security solutions, which can lead to increased complexity. We have found that many companies try to sync their DLP policies across multiple DLP solutions while gaining visibility into the security incidents across all the DLPs and find it extremely time-consuming and costly.

According to a survey conducted by IDC, 722 global IT decision makers who leverage DLP have identified several challenges in terms of protecting data and policy management.

Here’s what we discovered:

  1. Diverse DLP Solutions: Organizations grapple with multiple DLP solutions and policy sets.
  2. Synchronization Challenges: Manual policy synchronization is resource-intensive and costly.
  3. Unified Policies: Respondents crave a single set of DLP policies— boosting productivity, reducing complexity, and decreasing cost.
  4. Active Protection Matters: Choosing between blocking and using DLP for Data Discovery and Classification significantly impacts data security. Block mode adoption leads to fewer breaches.

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