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Cyberwar, Social Media's Future and Passing the Mic with Peter W. Singer

About This Episode

Joining us this week is Peter W. Singer. He’s a New York Times bestselling author of books including Ghost Fleet, LikeWar, and the techno-thriller Burn In. He shares details on the New America non-profit organization and its awesome #SharetheMicinCyber program helping to bring a diversity of thought to the cybersecurity front lines. 

We also discuss the future of social media, what defines a cyber war, Ukraine’s leverage of social media to garner global support this year, and the great work Useful Fiction is delivering to organizations to address the age old problem of translating complex themes (such as cyber) into compelling business narratives audiences understand and can learn from. And definitely take a few minutes to learn more about Passing the Mic’s cybersecurity fellowship program this week.