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Top DLP Trends for 2022 with IDC

According to Frank Dickson, Group Vice President for Cybersecurity Products at IDC, “The past 24 months have seen a renaissance in the DLP market. Manual and arcane classification techniques are being replaced by machine learning and automation. Context has become the great enabler. The effectiveness and efficiency of the solutions have improved.”1

This webinar addresses the reasons for this renaissance in DLP and key trends in 2022. Join IDC’s Frank Dickson, Program Vice President, Cybersecurity Products, and Forcepoint’s Jim Fulton, Vice President, Product Marketing, as they address the macro security environment and how in 2022 DLP is going through exciting transformations to meet today’s security challenges. They explore how DLP is moving from a static, complicated security tool to a simplified, highly automated, proactive tool that understands risk and data loss before it happens.


  • Jim Fulton Vice President, Product Marketing, Forcepoint
  • Frank Dickson Group Vice President, Cybersecurity Products, IDC
  • Kevin Oliveira Senior Product Marketing Manager, Data Security, Forcepoint


1 Frank Dickson, Worldwide Digital Loss Technologies Market Shares, 2020: DLP Is Dead, Long Live DLP