Secure and Reliable SD-WAN

FlexEdge Secure SD-WAN

Manage and securely connect all remote offices and branches from a central console.

Seamless and secure
network connectivity


Confidently connect and protect remote sites at a global scale. Secure SD-WAN helps companies achieve both and is conveniently built into our Next-Gen Firewall.

Read the Secure SD-WAN solution brief.

Resilient and smart

Keep the entire workforce connected. Secure SD-WAN is built with multiple redundancies and a system that intelligently load balances and manages traffic.

Zero-touch upgrades

Simplify setup and management of SD-WAN at scale. Updates and upgrades can be scheduled and without a need for staff to be on site.

Centralize management

Connect and protect branch offices and remote sites on a global scale quickly from a single management console.

Simple, fast and secure

Tie the network together

Deploy Secure SD-WAN to replace multiple point products with one solution – lowering your costs.

Plus with one console, your team can manage and protect branch remote locations at global scale.

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Meet your dashboard

Keep your network in-house and in your control. With this easy-to-use console, your team can monitor your network from end to end.

Get visibility across your hybrid network in real time. See incoming threats and spot connection issues in your city or across the globe.

Case Study: Burger King Scales SD-WAN for Hundreds of Restaurants

Dig into the details

Your team can stay informed of network system changes or performance hiccups without being distracted by them. Check into specifics of your ISP connections and VPN health or dig into individual cloud app performance.

Read the Secure SD-WAN Datasheet

Design a network that’s less work

Automatically routes traffic intelligently

Stay in control of your network with centralized management

Easily schedule remote deployments and upgrades

Let’s build a better network