Septiembre 5, 2022

Discovering Data with Forcepoint and Wipro


What do ice cream chains, manufacturing plants and healthcare entities have in common?  Not very much in the physical world. Yet while their activities and business models may greatly differ, their use of information technology means that each of these organizations is likely to store, produce and use varying volumes of data that tend to multiply over time and become more and more complex to understand.

The information can be trivial: commercial messages, public images, generic e-mail addresses; or it can be sensitive, as in the case of financial data, passwords and personal details. This is where the control of data usage comes to play.

As recently as 10 years back, privacy regulations were still very much in the incubation phase; only in May 2018 did applicable mandates like GDPR became enforceable. Today, fortunately for industries in every sector, the data security landscape has evolved into a global priority. Protection policies and the disclosure of information breaches are compulsory for every business. Securing data is a complex matter, and it didn’t take much time for cybersecurity professionals to realize that policies have to be adapted to take entire supply chains as well as insider threats into account. In order to protect your data, however, you have to start by understanding and discovering it: what it is, where it is and most importantly, who has access to it. 

From the time of its inception, the Forcepoint Data Loss Protection solution has been recognized for unmatched technological excellence. Nine times a DLP MQ Gartner winner, the offering was also ranked Best Data Leakage Protection during the SC Europe 2022 Awards:  "Forcepoint DLP delivers unified data and IP protection for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises with a focus on understanding the people who create, touch, and move data, in order to protect users and data across endpoints, networks and cloud apps."

Forcepoint software combined with global technology giant Wipro’s innovation-led strategic consulting offers a complete data discovery solution capable of protecting any environment. As per Wipro State of Cybersecurity Report (SOCR *), 32% of security leaders chose automated data discovery and classification as the most effective data security control. This is not surprising because IT teams must identify the dispersion of sensitive data before they can apply protection or compensating control policies.

Discovering Data with Forcepoint and Wipro


It’s no easy feat to nurture trust in the services we depend on, regardless of whether they are our favourite ice-cream brands or confidential medical records. Wipro Data Discover using Forcepoint enables organizations to benefit from expertise in audit, risk-management, cybersecurity and a fast-paced regulatory environment.


*SOCR is underpinned by primary research that covered 190+ corporations located in 35 countries


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Acerca de Forcepoint

Forcepoint es la compañía líder en ciberseguridad de protección de datos y usuarios, encargada de proteger a las organizaciones a la vez que impulsa la transformación digital y el crecimiento. Nuestras soluciones se adaptan en tiempo real a la manera en que las personas interactúan con los datos, y proporcionan un acceso seguro a la vez que permiten que los empleados generen valor.