Keep Sensitive Data in and Malware Out 

Secure data on the web and provide safe access to potentially risky websites from any device. 

Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway enables enterprises to unify data security policies by applying them to the web. Pair with Remote Browser Isolation to render potentially risky sites in an isolated container and stop malicious domains from launching attacks.

Safeguard Activity on the Web from Any Device

Scan and block uploads of sensitive data on the web and unmanaged apps 

Enforce policies on managed and unmanaged devices, such as BYOD and IoT 

Route traffic directly to known-safe websites to efficiently use bandwidth 

Stop Malicious Web Activity Anywhere

Gain control and visibility over how users interact with data on the web 

Easily apply existing data security policies on the web

Prevent malware attacks on threat vectors that use the web, such as phishing 

Data Security Everywhere Users Browse

Enforce a single set of policies for web, cloud, email, network and endpoint  

Unify enforcement and reporting for data security policies in one console 

Reduce operational costs, streamline reporting and improve productivity by 31% 

Data Security for Web Products

Forcepoint ONE
Data-first SASE starts with Forcepoint ONE. Protect data everywhere and secure access anywhere with the all-in-one, cloud-native security platform.
Secure Web Gateway
Securely access any website or download any document while getting the high-speed performance your team relies on.

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