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Department of Energy: Rethinking Data Security with a Risk-Adaptive Approach

Things are not as they used to be in the DOE enterprise. With 97 sites and labs across 26 states, DOE employees are mobile, they’re storing and accessing data in cloud apps, and are in disparate networks. While the present-day digital world has changed, the objective of data protection has not: the agency must still ensure the security of its critical data and networks. However, this poses a crushing problem to threat-centric security, whose static policies are forced to make decisions about cyber activity with no insight into its broader context. The result is a disproportionate number of flagged activities, overwhelming DOE’s security teams who have no way to understand the ones most worthy of investigation. 

Read the eBook to learn how a human-centric, risk-adaptive approach can help DOE be more proactive in its cybersecurity strategy in order to:

  • Automate policy enforcement to deter data loss events
  • Reduce the number of security alerts
  • Cut down on incident investigation time