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Data Loss Prevention

A single policy to protect your data, wherever it is.

Discover Data

Discover and control all of your data

Empower employees to work across devices, connect to multiple networks, and work within cloud apps with Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Identify your riskiest users in seconds

Reduce false positives and isolate problems faster using Incident Workflow.

Data Protection

Securely share data with third parties

Control and encrypt your data when it moves outside your organization with DLP software.

Secure IP

Unparalleled accuracy-securing IP

Discover and protect unknown PII and PHI, source code, engineering drawings, M&A documents, financials, trading algorithms, and sensitive trade secrets.

Loss Prevention

Prevent cloud data loss from a single console

Gain visibility and control over data at rest, in motion, or in use across popular enterprise cloud apps, including Office 365, Box, Salesforce, and more.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance across 80+ countries in minutes

Prepare your business with built-in expertise for regulations involving PII, PHI/HIPAA, and 2018 GDPR with DLP software.

Safeguard against data breaches

Follow your data across networks and devices—both at rest and in use. Create and enforce policies that provision the access and movement of data to prevent data breaches and help ensure compliance with Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP).


Accuracy detection through fingerprinting


Full GDPR coverage across 28 countries


9 times Magic Quadrant Leader

Simplest DLP to deploy
Data fingerprinting

Follow data with automatic application of controls, even when user devices are not on the network.

Predefined policy library

Get started quickly with an extensive Policy Library that addresses common regulatory and IP protection use cases, including GDPR.

Optical character recognition

Enables textual data, including PII and PHI, to be detected and extracted from images—such as source code, engineering drawings, M&A docs, and trade secrets.

Automated Classification & Labeling

Simplify data classification with automated validation and application of labels for sensitive files with Boldon James Classifier and Azure Information Protection.

Advanced incident workflow

Secure workflow notifications for data owners, providing users role-based access and data privacy on their mobile devices with DLP.

Single console control

Set data loss prevention policies across your network and endpoints once, from a single console for your environment.

Gain visibility into Microsoft Rights Management

Enable Microsoft Protection RMS to securely share information with partners. Automatically encrypt and decrypt using Microsoft Azure Information Protection.

Achieve risk-adaptive protection

Leverage DLP within the Dynamic Data Protection solution to achieve automatic policy enforcement in a matter of seconds.

Educate data owners to protect data

Dynamic in-action coaching to educate end-users on appropriate data use while using Forcepoint's DLP tool.

Data leakage prevention

Detect and protect against low and slow data exfiltration and data leakage via print, email, cloud applications, and removable media.

Extend protection with data classification solutions and cloud access platforms

Enhanced classification detection that integrates with trusted IRM providers. Protect your data everywhere, including the cloud.



Boldon James

Boldon James

Microsoft Azure Information Protection

Microsoft Azure Information Protection

Office 365

Office 365



G-Suite (Google Drive)

G-Suite (Google Drive)


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"Forcepoint DLP is one of the most stable solutions available for the DLP solution."

System Administrator, Manufacturing Industry
Submitted to Gartner Peer Insights on Oca 26, 2019

"Easy to install, easy to use and integrated DLP solution."

Cyber Security Manager, Energy and Utilities
Submitted to Gartner Peer Insights on Oca 23, 2019

Forcepoint DLP has given us incredible visibility into our business-to-client process, allowing us to investigate and optimize our business practices. This tool enables you to enforce policy to stay compliant with all major standards but also allows you to better optimize your business and educate users on better, safer ways to communicate.

Engineer, Medium Enterprise Transportation Services Company
Submitted to TechValidate TVID: 987-3C7-D52 on Kas 19, 2018