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Forrester: Securing Generative AI

Use Cases, Threats, Risks, And Skills

With many organizational departments keen to embrace and experiment with generative AI, security leaders must look to adopt technologies, strategies and skills that can enable managed, secure access. Simply blocking access is not a sustainable position, inevitably leading to many employees finding ways to bypass IT visibility and control.

In this report, Forrester highlights the complexities of generative AI adoption while carefully considering the significance of keeping your data secure within this evolving landscape. Key subjects include:

  • Best practices for security leaders to address generative AI challenges
  • Identifying departments that will use generative AI and aligning threats and risks to data
  • Third-party risk management questions on data controls for suppliers of generative AI solutions
  • Identifying your skill gaps and how to solve them

Read Securing Generative AI and get the guidance you need to confidently build out an adoption strategy that keeps your sensitive data safe.