Juillet 18, 2023

Maximizing your DLP effectiveness with Zero Trust CDR

Daniel Feaver
Joanna Crossley

In today's data-driven world, organizations face various challenges in protecting their sensitive information from data breaches and unauthorized access.


Traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions have been the go-to for safeguarding data in recent years, however, the evolving threat landscape now demands a more comprehensive approach to protect against unknown and zero-day malware.

Protect Users and Data on the Web

Enter Zero Trust Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), a ground-breaking technology that takes DLP to the next level.

Security experts at Forcepoint have taken a deep dive into enhancing your DLP investment in their new whitepaper “Enhance your DLP Investment with Zero Trust CDR

First, let’s explore how Zero Trust CDR can maximize your DLP effectiveness, enhancing your data protection strategy and fortifying your organization against emerging threats.


Enhanced Threat Protection:

Zero Trust CDR is a technology that combines the principles of Zero Trust and data protection to provide unmatched data security. Unlike other approaches that fail to deal with the malware problem, Zero Trust CDR uses an innovative extract, verify and build approach. Rather than trying to detect malware, it assumes that nothing can be trusted.

It’s a game changer for mitigating even the most advanced zero-day threats, ransomware attacks and exploits. Making Zero Trust CDR the most effective cybersecurity approach and an essential one in today’s threat landscape, where data is constantly at risk.

That’s why Zero Trust CDR is used by governments, defense organizations and industries across the globe, protecting nations’ most critical data.

It’s military-grade technology, built for the real world.

Seamless Integration with Existing Data Security Solutions:

Integrating Zero Trust CDR with your DLP provides several key advantages that can take your organizations data security to the next level:

  • Hidden Data Exfiltration
  • Reduce False Positives & Negatives
  • Increased Email Security
  • Boosted Web Protection
  • File Transfer Data Protection

Seamless integration between CDR and DLP

Data Loss Prevention has been a critical component of information security, however, with the ever-increasing threat landscape organizations are facing. We’re now seeing that organizations thrive when a cohesive security solution delivers the right tools for the job.

Maximizing your DLP effectiveness is crucial in today's ever-evolving threat landscape. By harnessing the power of Zero Trust CDR, organizations can enhance their data protection strategies and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Embrace Zero Trust CDR and fortify your organization's defense against data breaches, ensuring the utmost security and peace of mind for your sensitive information. Maximise your security with Zero Trust CDR.

Daniel Feaver

Daniel Feaver serves as a Presales Solution Architect for Forcepoint. He's a cybersecurity professional with networking and architecture experience. A background in software analysis.

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Joanna Crossley

Joanna Crossley joined Forcepoint as a part of the Deep Secure acquisition in 2021, Joanna works with the Global Governments team specialising in demand generation and social strategy.

Joanna is based in the United Kingdom.

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