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NEW! Cloud Security Gateway — SWG, CASB, and DLP in a single product.

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Email Security

Most complete email protection
and visibility

Today’s attempts to compromise email channels have evolved from simple spam and phishing attempts to more advanced threats like ransomware. Forcepoint Email Security gives you the security you need by protecting you against multi-stage advanced threats that exploit email to penetrate your IT environment.

Forcepoint Email Security applies real-time behavioral sandboxing, enterprise-grade DLP and other advanced defense technologies to prevent leaks of sensitive information, empowering your workers — in the office or on the road — as you safely adopt technologies like Microsoft Office 365. In addition, detect phishing and secure email wherever users need access, even on mobile devices, through features like Phishing Education and URL Wrapping.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Forcepoint Web Security Cloud and Email Security Cloud (Forrester)
Forrester study demonstrates positive ROI with Forcepoint Web and Email Security Cloud Solutions

Superior email protection for Microsoft Office 365

Forcepoint Email Security enhances built-in security capabilities to address inbound threats and outbound data loss risk. It’s one of the key parts of a complete, integrated Office 365 defense from Forcepoint.