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UEBA Behavioral Analytics

Leveraging behavior analytics to identify real entity risk

User & Entity Behavior Analytics for a Zero-Perimeter World

Forcepoint UEBA information security protects sensitive client information, detects compromised accounts and enforces the continued improvement of an organization's internal security culture.

Human Risk Platform

Traditional tools fail to provide contextual information about insider risk ― critical in the era of continuous security breaches and mounting governmental demands for regulatory surveillance. Forcepoint UEBA is the leading platform integrating structured and unstructured data to provide holistic visibility into nuanced human activity, patterns and long-term trends that comprise human risk.

Solve Hard Problems in Information Security & Regulatory Compliance

Security analytics delivers visibility into enterprise risk in an era when the threats have surpassed the perimeter. Streamlined technology makes it easier to review large data sets and work with teams of supervisors across the organization.

Forcepoint UEBA

Security teams have no visibility into the human layer. Unstructured data is growing at the rate of 62% per year. Today's security solutions do not fully capture human interactions.

Leverage all structured and unstructured data sources in our human risk platform.

Human Risk Maturity Model

Integrating structured and unstructured data sources within a single application
elevates your insider threat program and helps you reduce risk.

Solve the problems that really matter

Solve the problems that really matter

A broad set of data ingest sources to address the needs of the UEBA security market— including structured and unstructured data sources

Data may be sourced from anywhere within the organization. Below are just a few examples of those systems: